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Dr. Audrey Sherman ~ Psychologist | Coach | Author | Speaker

Do you have dysfunctional patterns that are keeping you stuck, unhappy or unsuccessful?

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Dr. Audrey Sherman, Psychologist, Coach, Author, Speaker

Hello —

I’m Dr. Audrey Sherman, a psychologist, coach, and success mindset expert.

My goal is to help you push beyond anxiety, depression, anger and dysfunctional patterns in order to reach your personal, relationship, career and even parenting goals.

I do this because I know that armed with the right skill base, you really can have it all and experience the joy and life satisfaction you crave.

You may be feeling stuck in never-ending patterns of unhappiness, underachievement, toxic relationships and overwhelm that are totally unnecessary.

You may be feeling that there is something wrong with you, that you have a “disorder” of some kind. That is not usually the case. 

  Happiness isn’t just a fleeting emotion – it’s a skill to be cultivated and nurtured. Most people who have difficulty finding happiness just don’t have the right skill set or mind set. They were never taught. 

I’m committed to teaching you the skills and mindset you need in order to build resilience, foster meaningful connections, and live a life aligned with your values and passions. Let’s embark on this empowering journey together and create a life filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

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Your info is safe with us! We never sell or share contact information.

What are Dysfunctional Patterns? How do they affect me?

Dysfunctional patterns are the behaviors, thoughts and beliefs that keep you unhappy. They are patterns of actions or responses that hinder your ability to function effectively in various areas of life, such as relationships, work, and personal well-being. These behaviors often stem from underlying psychological issues, past experiences, or maladaptive coping mechanisms.

These emotional pitfalls mean never trusting yourself, not making your own decisions, making bad decisions, living a fearful existence and/or settling for bad relationships. 

When you don’t trust yourself or believe that you can have what you want you won’t even try for it. When you don’t go for it you remain stuck, when you are stuck you become more anxious, more depressed, more stressed and maybe way more angry.

You can waste many years in this vicious cycle.

It is very overwhelming.

The good news is that these can be turned around quickly with the right help. 

As the creator of the transformative Dysfunction Interrupted® programs, my ultimate mission is to empower you to break free from the emotional rollercoaster, boost your confidence, elevate your self-worth, and build the life you always envisioned. Together we plow through the overwhelm.

And it doesn’t take years of therapy. It takes replacing these  patterns with a life success mindset that you didn’t know could be yours, a skill base tailored to your needs and knowing that you have support along the way.

My programs are designed to break these destructive cycles, set up your life plan, and arm you with the tools and resilience you need to go for it!

Very exciting stuff!!

Depression & Anxiety Coach - Dr. Audrey Sherman

Ready to Take the First Step Towards Success?

Your journey to success, well-being, and personal growth starts now. Reach out today for a free consultation. Let’s discuss your goals, answer your questions, and outline a personalized plan that not only helps you overcome challenges but also propels you towards the success and happiness you deserve.

Whether you desire individual work, a group coaching atmosphere with others or a membership experience that combines group coaching with do-it-yourself videos and workbooks, I can help you.

Together, We Can...

Reclaim your life from anxiety, lift the weight of depression, and break free from dysfunctional patterns. Unlock your full potential in all areas and experience success and emotional wellbeing like never before.  You have the strength within you, and I’m here to help you unleash it.

Don't wait another day to start your journey towards a brighter future.

Feel Good for Life!!

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Dysfunction Interrupted is a comprehensive self-help program designed to have you feeling better fast. It is based in Cognitive, Developmental and Positive Psychology and addresses not only why you may be suffering based on your past but helps to pinpoint your exact difficulties and provide the solutions you need.

Dysfunction Interrupted by Dr. Audrey Sherman

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