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Imagine for a moment, waking up enthusiastically ready to embrace each day without feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions and intrusive self-doubt. Confident that you have mastered the mindset necessary to pursue the life of your dreams unencumbered by dysfunctional patterns and emotional baggage.

Trusting that you possess the skills that allow you to find the right love relationship. Knowing you have found clarity surrounding your ideal life and banished mental chaos and clutter. Ready for that jolt of energy and stimulation that comes with exploring and finding opportunities for the life you've been seeking?

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Dr. Audrey Sherman's step-by-step program  for identifying and overcoming emotional baggage and dysfunctional patterns  will immediately allow you to fearlessly make decisions, speak up when you would ordinarily remain quiet, rid yourself of stagnating negative emotions and confidently turn your barriers into forward moving decisions that lead you to your true and desirable life.

You will…

  • Develop a clear sense of self unencumbered by emotional baggage
  • Map out a life blueprint to create and begin enjoying your true life and self
  • Discover how to trust yourself and live boldly
  • Learn how to self soothe when faced with emotional distress and destructive choices
  • Get a grip on your stressors and effectively manage them
  • Master the advanced thinking skills of the emotionally and financially successful
  • Effectively evaluate and manage relationships
  • Set clear boundaries that define you
  • Discover clear, concise steps and simple tools to break through chaos, mind clutter and chatter
  • Learn to attract and develop positive and loving relationships

Meet Dr. Audrey Sherman

Dr. Audrey Sherman knows that it is possible to overcome dysfunctional patterns and emotional baggage and lead a fulfilling and emotionally successful life, unencumbered by chronic unhappiness and a lack of purpose.

That's why she is dedicated to pointing you in the right direction and moving you forward, no matter where you are starting from. It allows you to recognize where the patterns started and how to make the significant changes necessary. Engaging in dysfunctional patterns doesn't mean there is something wrong with you, just that there is something to be learned.

She is a recognized psychologist and expert in human behavior with over 25 years of experience, and the author of the popular book, Dysfunction Interrupted – How to Quickly Overcome Depression, Anxiety and Anger Starting Now.

More about Dr. Audrey Sherman…

Programs & Coaching

This comprehensive program is designed to help you overcome Depression and Anxiety and live your life to the fullest, freeing up your energies and allowing you to finally realize your potential unencumbered by these negative states. Learn More…
This transformational life coaching program with Dr. Sherman is designed to help you understand what emotional baggage is, where it comes from, how it has affected your life and what you can do to overcome it. This coaching is perfect for people who are ready to live life on their terms and enjoy success, happiness and great relationships. Learn More…

Dysfunction Interrupted
Ft. Myers, FL

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