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Individual Coaching

Transform Your Life!

Customized 1:1 Coaching for Overcoming
Anxiety, Fear, Depression and Dysfunctional Patterns

Dr. Audrey Sherman, Psychologist, Coach, Author, Speaker

Discover Clarity, Confidence, and a Roadmap to Success

Do you find yourself trapped in a cycle of anxiety, weighed down by depression, or stuck in unhealthy patterns that limit your potential? It’s time to break free and embrace a brighter future.

Imagine having a trusted guide by your side, someone who understands your unique challenges and helps you create a life plan designed specifically for you.

I often have clients who prefer to get straight to the heart of things by working with me individually. They value having personalized time geared just for them and their issues.

In this day of apps and other impersonal technology I believe this remains an important service, therefore I keep some “office hours” available weekly. These sessions are conveniently conducted by telephone or zoom.

All individual sessions are based in my signature program, Dysfunction Interrupted™, and tailored to your individual needs.

What My Coaching Offers:

Personalized Roadmap

We'll work closely together to understand your goals, values, and aspirations. Together, we'll craft a personalized life plan that leads you to success and fulfillment. We do this in the first session, based on information you provide. It is very easy to get weighed down in the quagmire of information out there, I help you to simplify and focus on just the important things for you, helping to insure against burnout and overwhelm on your way to a more enjoyable life.

Practical Strategies

My coaching is all about actionable steps. You'll receive practical strategies and tools to help you manage anxiety, lift the cloud of depression, and break free from dysfunctional patterns.


I’m your partner in progress. I’ll keep you accountable, track your achievements, and provide the motivation you need to stay on course.

Holistic Approach

We address not just the symptoms but the underlying causes of your challenges, promoting holistic well-being and long-term success. Resilience beats relapse!

Confidential & Supportive

These coaching sessions are a safe, judgment-free space where you can open up, explore your emotions, and grow.

Customized Coaching with Dr. Audrey Sherman

What You Can Achieve with Coaching:

Anxiety & Fear Mastery

Learn to manage anxiety and fear effectively, so it no longer holds you back in your personal or professional life.

Depression Override

Rediscover your joy, motivation, and purpose, and move forward with renewed energy.


Break free from destructive habits and build healthier, more fulfilling patterns in your relationships, career, and daily life.


With a clear life plan, you’ll gain the confidence to set and achieve meaningful goals, both big and small.

Success & Happiness

Your journey doesn’t end with overcoming challenges; it leads to a life filled with success, happiness, and personal growth.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Don’t let anxiety, fear, depression, or dysfunctional patterns
hold you back any longer. It’s time to invest in yourself and your future.

Contact me today for a free consultation.

Let’s discuss your unique needs and goals and how
individual coaching can set you on the path to lasting change.

Empower Yourself: Take the first step toward the life you deserve. Unlock your potential, overcome your challenges, and create a future filled with happiness, success, and fulfillment.

Here are the options for 1:1 coaching…

1 Session Signup – $250

In this session you will share with me your background and “story,” your issues as you experience them and pertinent life history.

Next, we do the deep dive into what you have shared, identifying first critical areas of focus.

Lastly, we formulate what your life strategy plan looks like and how you will achieve it.

You will come away from this session knowing where your focus should be and how to get there with specific information and resources.

Ongoing Individual Coaching

If, from your first session, you decide you would like to continue working 1:1 you can conveniently schedule using my calendar for a time that works for you.

In these next sessions we will work on the issues identified in the first session, knocking them out one by one in the order that makes sense. Each session will be designed to address the next step in your life strategy plan and keep you moving forward.

Each session is $250 paid by credit card at time of scheduling.

If you must reschedule you can do so without losing your session fee. It will be rolled over to the next one.  I do ask please for 24 hours’ notice for rescheduling. 

Sign me up for a session! I want to feel better now!

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I will be glad to answer any questions and concerns you may have.