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Speaking & Workshops

Dr. Audrey Sherman, Psychologist, Coach, Author, Speaker

For Meeting Professionals, Educational Organizations and HR-Corporate Topics

Your event is very important to you and to me. I will work with you to understand your meeting objectives, tailor the presentations accordingly and deliver on that promise. My goal for you as a planner is to ensure that you receive the best possible program for your audience based on the setting and needs of the group and the overall meeting objectives. I will spend the time with you up front to get to know you, your audience and your organization.

Dr. Audrey Sherman is a Psychologist and leading expert on helping people overcome emotional baggage in order to reach their ultimate goals whether they are personal or professional. She is a leading resource on helping people to work and live the life of their dreams, complete with emotional success and satisfaction.

Dr. Sherman's Most-Requested Topics Include...

Anxiety, Stress and Depression, Oh My!
Beat the "Big Three" Right Now

The “Big Three” of the emotional world create unhappiness, poor relationships, poor performance, confusion, fear, overwhelm and even health problems if left unchecked.

Too often, programs of self-improvement and self-help are either complicated, cost a fortune or take years to understand, implement and see results. Dr. Sherman provides proven strategies for conquering the Big Three that the participant can utilize immediately in order to:

  • Eliminate stress and overwhelm.
  • Build resilience that allows for optimal performance.
  • Build the confidence needed to navigate life’s challenges.
  • Neutralize stubborn beliefs and patterns that keep them stuck.
  • Break controlling, dysfunctional patterns that hinder personal growth and happiness.
  • Transform their mindsets to allow emotional success to take the place of distress.
  • Create the energy needed to be excited about their day and their lives.
Mental Health Wellness Workshops with Dr. Audrey Sherman
"Dr. Sherman’s stress management / wellness presentations are succinct, informative and practical. Her delivery style is engaging, keeping the audience interested and wanting more. Working with Dr. Sherman to facilitate the presentations made my job easier as a busy HR Professional."
Trudie Gaal, Vice President HR
SCG Fields, LLC
Mental Health Wellness Workshops with Dr. Audrey Sherman

The Power of Emotional Success

Beyond IQ and EQ. discover the critical concepts and skills necessary to thrive in this fast-paced world!

Mastering Emotional Success can mean the difference between a ho hum life and an exciting, well lived journey.

Imagine making choices and carrying out decisions that allow you to prosper across the lifespan. Whether it applies to career, relationships, parenting or for major life changes, Dr. Sherman shares and teaches this skill set in such a way that every participant leaves feeling they have been elevated to another level.

Most people don’t realize there is even such a skill set, nevermind trying to master it for a more rewarding life. Recognizing when to pull out this toolbox to propel yourself forward is critical for a life well-lived.

"Dr. Sherman’s seminar on Anxiety, Stress and Depression was powerful! Well executed and engaging, she delivered the message clearly in a way the staff could relate. Very professional! I look forward to working with Audrey in the future."
Candice Murray, Chief Administration Officer
Melcher & Prescott Insurance

Dysfunction Interrupted — Overcome the Obstacles that Interfere with Success!

Lack of commitment, missed work days, antagonistic personalities, underperforming, poor communication and leadership, these are all symptoms of employees suffering from some type of emotional dysfunction. This dysfunction costs corporations millions of dollars a year in revenue, whether from lack of expected performance, time off or employee turnover costs.

Dr. Sherman addresses these issues with humor and practical strategies based in psychology that make sense, engage the audience and provides them with takeaways that will help them in every aspect of life. It’s a win-win for employees and employers alike.

There are immediate remedies for most of these problems and addressing the topic in a workshop or training format allows for the message to help many employees at one time, providing faster overall results. Full outline and description available upon request.

This workshop/training is designed to:

  • Increase individual performance and results
  • Decrease friction among employees
  • Reduce burnout and absenteeism
  • Reduce medical and emotional disability leave time
  • Improve teamwork and communication
Mental Health Wellness Workshops with Dr. Audrey Sherman
"Dr. Sherman’s presentation provided the perfect combination of facts and information combined with a welcoming tone. Dr. Sherman has an innate sense of what to say to draw the listener in and earn their trust right away. Her planning and follow up prior to the series was detailed and gave me confidence in working with her. We plan to continue to utilize her programs to bring behavioral health topics to our audience."
Sarah Martini-Ricci CAM, Director of Happiness
Fiddlesticks Country Club